by Brendan Ryan

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Written and performed by: Brendan Ryan

Song recorded in Braintree, MA 2012


You say I'm crazy
But that's not what you mean
The answer's hazy
Despite how sure you may seem

When it comes
to studying you I'm a scientist oh oo woah oh
Studying you I'm a scientist woah oh
Re-running every experiment woah oh a woah
When it comes to studying you I'm a scientist woah oo woah

If Most people would see what I see they'd immediately decide to leave all this alone
Not sure what about you keeps me staying but I'm still here saying that I just can't let you go
Flip on flopping first you'll go then stop, conversations over but still gon talk
Try to figure it all out but I just cannot, seas of hypotheses and still I gottt

Nothing. Nothing on figuring all you out


I've got theories on you but they never really matter
I've got theroies but they all get get debunked
So what can I do when studying the matter
When everytime you change you mind, I'm stuck


Tell me very quickly if I'm gettin real close
if by some magic miracle I'm cracking you code
I know
pretty much nothing and when I think I got something
you'll just come on in running messing up what shows
Woah woah woah mixing up beakers till my speakers explode
mis-read poll on my soul
another experiment, Hello Control
But honestly I promise that this science was never for me
Our HISTORY is more my forte
Our future on the other hand would be hard to forsee
if every thing you said didn't instantly floor me
and morally I know that you'll still me mine
while your back to playing hackysack with my mind
but it doesn't make it easier for me to find
why I'm having such a harder time
I mean what do I gotta do to figure out your ways
Comprehend the changes in with everything you say
I mean it's come quite customary what whever you're near me
I got my lab coat on just developing theories

on you, cause I'm a scientist woah


released March 20, 2012
Copyright Predictable Publishing



all rights reserved


Brendan Ryan Braintree, Massachusetts

Raging from the South Shore of Boston, Massachusetts, Brendan Ryan (21) combines his musical influences ranging from The Beatles and Ben Folds to Kanye West and John Mayer making a wide collection of toe-tapping yet thought-provoking guitar and piano-based pop. ... more

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